Elon Musk challenges Twitter to a debate and takes a monumental wind

The Elon Musk/Twitter affair is still far from over, as the billionaire challenges society to a public debate.

Definitely, Elon Musk is showing all the colors on Twitter. It’s been a few months since the billionaire, boss of Space X and Tesla, had the ambition to buy the social network and this following some problems he had identified. Unfortunately, both parties have been struggling for weeks. Twitter first proposed to Elon Musk to join the board of directors after taking over a substantial part of the company, which he accepted, then refused.

Following this, the billionaire wrote a sales proposal, which Twitter declined, then accepted, but which was ultimately withdrawn by Elon Musk himself who was worried about the veracity of Twitter’s figures on fake accounts. present on the network. It is for this reason that the platform has decided to sue Elon Musk. If you’ve followed this far, you’re already part of the elite.

However, we could not count on Elon Musk to stop there. True to form, the CEO/influencer took up arms on Twitter and solemnly challenged his CEO to a high-profile challenge: to engage in a public debate about the reason for their discord, to determine whether the two sides can get back to business. buy back or not.

He states thus: “I hereby challenge [Parag Agrawal] to a public debate on the percentage of bots on Twitter. Let it prove to the public that Twitter has less than 5% fake users or spam per day!

However, the CEO of Twitter did not deign to respond to Elon Musk’s proposal, and to this day continues to sue him. The case is therefore not yet won for one or the other, and in the absence of amicable negotiations, it will surely be necessary to wait a few more months to have the end of the story.

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