Elden Ring: Elon Musk is an Underworld lord and shares his build on Twitter

Game News Elden Ring: Elon Musk is an Underworld lord and shares his build on Twitter

Elon Musk, eccentric multi-billionaire, genius innovator, creator of Tesla and SpaceX, owner of Twitter and… Elden Lord? In a recent Tweet, the engineer shared his build details and his quest to become Lord of the Underworld. From Software’s game has definitely won over more than one gamer.

Elon Lord

Released almost three months ago, Elden Ring still and always talk about him. Latest anecdote, Elon Musk’s quest to access the throne of Elden Lord. It is with a recent Tweet that the multi-billionaire has once again confirmed playing the title of From Software. While underlining the resemblance between the architecture of a palace and the artistic direction of Entre-Terre, Elon Musk was politely asked which build he advocated. the engineer was not asked to answer in detail. A priori, the contractor fights the bosses with great blows of magic.

Let’s be honest, in terms of originality, the entrepreneur will have accustomed us to better. With an intelligence and dexterity build, Elon Musk undoubtedly advocates the magic of Raya Lucaria, but also explains how to use different melee weapons, such as a rapier (probably Rogier’s) as well as claws. He also admits to changing his armor according to his fights, just like his talismans, without detailing which ones he uses. He ends his tweet with a “Summon!” well launched, which therefore implies its use of invocations. Or we could interpret it as an invitation: how crazy would it be to summon the boss of Tesla in your game?

Elon Musk the billionaire gamer

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has distinguished himself in the gaming sphere. While he had boosted the stock market of CD Projekt RED by evoking Cyberpunk 2077the billionaire had already talked about Elden Ring reacting to the cursed underwear controversy.

Elden Ring: Elon Musk is an Underworld lord and shares his build on Twitter

For its part, Elden Ring does not necessarily need this publicity stunt from the owner of Twitter. Almost three months after its release, From Software’s game is still very successful with gamers, as evidenced by the relentlessness of the speedrunners on the Inter-Earth or the incredible popularity of the LetMeSoloHer player and his winning record over Malenia, the Scarlet Rot Goddess.

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