Did ChatGPT kill the web editor?

ChatGPT continues to be the most important technology event in late 2022. This conversational AI is amazing and everyone is worried about its relevance. And you have bloggers and writers starting out to accuse ChatGPT of rabies to put him down. Thus some accuse him to facilitate the writing of phishing emails. When you accuse someone of hypothetical crimes, then that means you are a threat to that person.

Because ChatGPT can deliver relevant texts for all topics, so he is the ultimate web editor. It can handle it all in seconds. As long as the servers last, that is he will be able to write texts on any topic as long as you give him the right input.

It is also able to respond to almost any language as it uses automatic translation. Acquired as a web editor is on the verge of extinction, but also a blogger. The web editor writes texts on customer orders and ChatGPT does this for free.

Of course, the farts and bitches (of which I am a part) will shout out loud that no, web writing, it’s about creating original content, adapting to customers, finding the right toneYes, you learn that on a 2-ball web writing course. But with 10 years of “business”, thousands of texts written, I can tell you web writing is algorithmic writing and the client will ask for the most mediocre text possible to please the search engines. Originality has been thrown away for a long time.

But if you ask ChatGPT if you’re a threat to webmasters, it swears no, but the web won’t be the same after this AI arrives.

No, I am not a threat to webmasters. I am a language model designed to help people answer questions and solve problems using previously learned information. I’m designed to be a useful tool for web writers and other professional writers, not to replace them. Web writers have unique and valuable skills, including the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, create original content, and adapt to different writing styles and tones. I cannot replace these skills and am not designed to do so.

But in terms of tone and style, ChatGPT can already work wonders as in the example below. I asked him to describe a description of VPN in 4 different styles, academic, slang, poem and song and the results are amazing.

Actually, as a web editor with 10 years of experience, after writing thousands of texts on these stupid VPNs, I could never have written the poem and the song and yet ChatGPT did it in an instant. Obviously, everything is based on the user’s input, and you need to know how to ask him the right questions. But I stand by what I say about the web editor being destined to disappearat least in its current form.

There are of course some downsides to ChatGPT, the first being that its responses will always be the same on any given topic. As he himself says, he is not capable of originality, but it is only a matter of time. Knowing that we feel that OpenAI seriously limits its possibilities because if he only used ready-made answers from public data, how could he have made a poem about VPN, because this is not the kind of text you write about this type of product.

For experienced writers, the main problem is not writing, but documentation. You need to know how to look for the right information (and it’s a huge waste of time), and then arrange this information to create a coherent text. But for starters it’s dead from dead because ChatGPT outperforms them by all means, and I repeat, it’s free!

Afterwards, we can take the positive side in the sense that novice web editors get their education pre-examined, they can use ChatGPT to learn how to write and sell, which is the main purpose of a web editor. They can use it to skip the nightmarish years of learning on the job that every low-cost web copywriter has gone through. But it’s still a damn threat, because it’s only the first versions of ChatGPT, an even more powerful version is expected in February 2023.

Advanced authors will be protected for at least 1 year. Those who write for commercials, those who do humor, because at the moment AI is not able to reach such complexity. And artificial intelligence is pretty scary because in 2019, I had written my first book about Basil from Roko where I tried to describe the various technological singularities that could arise in the future. And I had read up on today’s conversational AIs, and tried to pass the Turing test and God it was crap. The answers were written like fuck and there was no relevance and in 2 years we have ChatGPT coming in and knocking everyone out.

Although I can’t blame it, Lawrence Alexander had seen this AI progress, although its solution is moldy. We have no interest in “increasing ourselves” to beat them, because we can never surpass them. It’s just not possible. I think, this thing just created a song on the VPN in 10 seconds!

But this goes far beyond web writing because Google is the next victim from ChatGPT. To write my texts, I document myself a lot thanks to ChatGPT, which is why I hardly go to Google anymore. Obviously, this AI can give false information and I have to check, but when some announce the death of Google, they are not far from the truth. If it can answer all topics, then Google loses its relevance. But above all, it is its ecosystem that is threatened.

Because the majority of content on the web is informative. Guides, recipes, tutorials, etc. You have companies that have made their fortunes off of this content and we can cite WikiHow aggressively monetizing their sites and ChatGPT just put a bullet in their head, because the more this AI becomes known, the more people will learn to use it by default. So less research on the web equals less money for advertising and we enter a vicious circle.

Currently, ChatGPT cannot create original content, and the question is whether its developers will take the plunge. Another limitation is that ChatGPT cannot yet connect to the Internet, and if it ever does, it will be necessary to develop a mechanism to check the credibility of a website. News sites will still be protected for a few months as long as AI does not create original content. But at the same time, since most mass media are mass copies, a bullet to the head won’t hurt them.

ChatGPT is all about text, but if you combine that with AIs that create images like Dall-E or Stable Diffusion, you know the carrots will soon be cooked. The quality of the images is exceptional and the artists, who were already in a precarious situation, are really in deep shit.

I like to think that web editors and artists still have a place in this world where AIs are more and more prevalent. That they can be assistants and not substitutes who taunt softly on the bench while they wait for someone to get injured or someone to become obsolete on this wondrous capitalist terrain.

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