DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE renews its “Ethical Health Insurance” label for its KOVERS offer

KOVERS has been labeled “Ethical Health Insurance” since 2019. DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE wants to make this complementary health insurance a model in the sector. By acquiring KOVERS at the end of 2021, DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE has strengthened its disruptive and efficient positioning as a generalist broker of affinity insurance products, based on marketing technologies and data.

From the start, Arnaud Delpierre, Managing Director of DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE, declares: “oBesides the very original and specific positioning of KOVERS, DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE wished to renew the “Ethical Health Insurance” label of KOVERS, because in this particularly competitive sector of health insurance, we believe that faced with medical desertification, social or territorial access to care, consumers will be more and more sensitive to the commitments that an insurance company can make to guarantee, beyond reimbursements, real services that make life easier for families. » Thus, DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE called on Bureau Veritas Certification to label the following commitments:

– Formulate guarantees and clear prices: “The price displayed is the price applied”
– Deliver a personalized quote on the internet in less than 10 clicks
– Propose health insurance offers that promote pooling between the different social categories of policyholders
– Facilitate access to health professionals, regardless of where you live in metropolitan France and at any time: teleconsultation included in all contracts
– Facilitate access to alternative and alternative medicine by reimbursing all of an act of alternative or alternative medicine care indicated within the limit of the annual fee
– Guarantee equivalent quality and speed of processing requests
– Devote more than 80% of the amounts of the contributions paid by the insured to the reimbursement of care and services
– Ensure the quality of service delivered by their “business” partners

KOVERS, a committed complementary health insurance

The complementary health insurance KOVERS, created in 2016, and acquired by DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE in 2021, has an innovative and specific positioning on the complementary health market, with a clear objective: to promote access to health for all, without conditions of age.

KOVERS is reinventing the health insurance model, by truly placing the interests and health of members at the heart of all its actions by providing solutions to social and territorial inequalities in terms of access to health.

With the “Ethical Health Insurance” label audited and certified by Bureau Veritas, the operational commitments of DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE for its complementary health insurance KOVERS are objective, measurable and enforceable. This attests to 100% compliance with the commitments made by DÉKUPLE ASSURANCE to distribute the KOVERS mutual insurance company. “This label is based on multiple criteria (quality of services, financial, etc.) by promoting different approaches to care for the benefit of policyholders. The audit is a guarantee of seriousness and durability of Kovers insurance. We are delighted to contribute to this unique and valuable approach.” says Laurent Croguennec, President of Bureau Veritas Certification France.

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