damage to the car or the house, what steps should be taken?

Take photos, within 5 days

What should the victims of the violent storms on Monday evening in the Southwest do immediately?

The first tip is to take pictures of the items that have been damaged. Then you have to protect what can be protected to prevent the damage from getting worse. Then, whether it is your vehicle that has been affected or your home, you have five days to file your claim with your insurer. If you have invoices for damaged items, it is important to attach them.

Also, if you involve a craftsman before the expert has been appointed to see the extent of the damage, you must remember to keep the invoices, explaining that it was to prevent the damage from spreading. The insurer will take into account the elements already paid.

Do all home insurance contracts take into account damage related to natural disasters, such as hail, falling trees, branches or water damage?

The comprehensive home insurance includes coverage in the event of hail or flooding. You should know that multi-risk home insurance is only compulsory for co-owners or tenants. A homeowner has the legal right not to insure his home if he is in full ownership. It is clearly in the minority, and fortunately because the consequences of a disaster can be dramatic…

In the home insurance contract, you can have different options: you can for example have temporary accommodation, if you can no longer stay at home because of the damage. You can also have a guard to monitor the house, etc.

And for the car?

Regarding the vehicle, things are less simpleā€¦

If your automobile is insured only at the legal minimum, that is to say in civil liability, to third parties, you are not entitled to anything because this insurance only covers the damage that you cause to third parties. To be covered, you need either all-risk insurance or, for example, a glass breakage or damage option. At that time, you must make a declaration to your insurer.

Given the extent of the damage, the government is likely to recognize the state of natural disaster. What would that change?

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