Cyberattack: the health insurance data of a million French people for sale on the Internet?

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According to a survey by ZATAZ, the health insurance data of one million French people are on sale on the Internet.

Our colleagues from ZATAZ, who specialize in cybersecurity and who monitor pirate spaces, indicate that they have spotted an alarming sale. Indeed, according to them, a computer hacker, very well known in the middle of digital maliciousness, would market a database of one million connection identifiers belonging to users of the site. The sale price is 6000 dollars, or about 5700 euros.

If the hacker does not explain how he was able to collect this data, ZATAZ evokes a potential orchestrated collection via phishing. In other words, phishing from electronic campaigns usurping Health Insurance.

As a reminder, last March, the National Health Insurance Fund revealed that the computer accounts of 19 health professionals had been hacked and that the administrative data of at least 510,000 people had been stolen.

To guard against such attacks, be vigilant. If you receive an email, an SMS or a phone call, be sure to check the information directly with the organization concerned. In general, never provide personal information without verifying the identity of your interlocutor.

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