Cryptocurrencies: 3 reasons to smile

Panic is decimating the market. DeFi protocols cascade. The exchanges lay off with a vengeance, and cryptocurrencies lose on average 98% of their value. In other words, it is war. And it’s really war and more, between Ukraine and Russia. What better economic context? In reality, no context is better. We are going to see three indicators that could indicate that we have bottomed out. Which means that, now, the only possible direction is upwards.

  • the fear and greed is at the lowest
  • Cryptocurrency volumes are on the ground
  • Central banks are attacking

Panic on cryptocurrencies: the fear and greed is at 6

It is one of the most scrutinized indicators by traders and investors. Like all indicators, it cannot be used alone to create a trading strategy. Rather, it should be taken with other signals which together can give a clue about the direction of the market. In this case, the fear and greed indicates the amount of fear or greed in the market. Fear and greed are the only two emotions that drive stock charts. Either people are scared and they sell, or they are greedy and they buy. Only 95% of investors lose money. This indicator tells us a very important thing: the sentiment of the majority, which is fundamentally wrong, with regard to investing.

The indicator fear and greed Bitcoin (BTC)

A clue fear and greed at 6 is a signal of deep desperation. Everyman is convinced that this market is a fool’s market, that no one wins, that it is a scam, that Warren Buffet was right, etc. And to use a famous phrase from this Buffet, ” you have to buy when there is blood in the streets. »

Since we are not institutional investors who speculate on the fall of states after civil wars, for us the blood will simply be the red of the candles on the stock charts. This is the first indicator that could give us a buy signal.

Drifting Cryptocurrency Exchange Volumes

A second indicator that shows us the disinterest of investors and small traders for this market is the volumes on the exchanges. A particularly interesting factor for Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of Bitmex. He analyzes the market as follows: “How low can we go? I think we will find out during this fateful weekend. This week, Bitcoin and Ether rebounded impressively from $20,000 and $1,000 respectively. Can they hold a new attack on these levels for a weekend where no fresh and dirty fiat can be deposited on cryptocurrency exchanges?

And he’s right. Since SEPA transfers do not work on weekends – thank you banks, liquidity cannot flow to exchanges over the weekend to redeem the dip. In the event of a violent fall, or a dramatic announcement, the fall will continue until Tuesday, when the banks wake up.

But behind this risk, good news: the volumes are no longer there, people are no longer in the market, and it’s time to take a position. Once again, it is necessary to act contrary to the mass.

The actions of central banks

The last thing that scares everyone is central bank action. The latter have little or no understanding of economics. And after printing pharaonic quantities of money, assuring that it would have no effect on the economy, the central banks have just understood that it will have an effect on the economy. Panic is therefore in order. The equity market is entering a turbulent zone, and cryptocurrencies are in a state halfway between earthquake and tsunami. This is an opportunity to dig dips, to seek a new low, and an even more interesting entry point for traders and investors. To de-dramatize this dramatic topicality which is indeed the sign of bear marketthe former CEO of Bitmex quips:

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To read to the tune of ” Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

The market is therefore in a panic attack phase. But that’s what’s good. If you wait for the euphoria to buy, you are more likely to buy bitcoin at $69,000 and experience a catastrophic loss of -68%. If, on the other hand, you buy when everyone is panicking, such as when the fear and greed was at 5, you are currently at 450% gain.

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