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Established in 2018, Bitget is among the most popular crypto trading platforms. With a daily trading volume of $5.6 billion and over 2 million users, Bitget has launched three exclusive flagship products in three years: USDT Margin Contract, Copy Trading and Margin Contracts. Bitget is now the fifth largest derivatives platform in the world and the largest cryptocurrency copy trading platform in the world. In this article you can discover BGB, Bitget’s token.

A brief overview of BGB

Total supply: 2,000,000,000 BGB

The Bitget platform recently made adjustments to the rights and interests of the application and replaced the original platform token BFT (Bitget Defi Token). The BGB token has various use cases within the Bitget ecosystem. In addition to being used by traders to obtain discounts on trading fees, BGB can also be used as proof of rights and interests of users at various levels and as a social token for interaction between fans and copytraders.

An offer for users

Bitget CEO Sandra Lou recently said, “ The newly renovated BGB represents Bitget’s dynamic and innovative ecosystem, which is constantly evolving and expanding, which is why this update is necessary to support our rapid development. »

She goes on to add: These continued and growing gaps are consistent with Bitget’s brand appeal and product value. We hope to provide a gateway to the entire fragmented world (physical, social and crypto). We hope that BGB will be able to realize our vision of connecting these different worlds, connecting cultures, connecting applications and connecting users. Our goal is to leverage BGB to create a vibrant ecosystem that transcends Web2 and Web3, connecting CeFi and DeFi, culminating in an expansive bridge to the vast crypto network. »

The use of BGB

With a wide range of applications and benefits consolidating the entire Bitget ecosystem, let’s take a look at the ever-growing list of BGB uses:

BGB allows platform users to get a discount on transaction fees on Bitget.

Futures Transaction Fee Discount: Use BGB as margin to obtain a 15% discount on futures transaction fees. (Coming soon).

Cash Transaction Fee Discount: Use BGB to pay cash transaction fees and get a 20% discount.

You can use BGB as contractual margin when trading.

Use BGB to earn added value income

Trade BGB to enjoy tiered rewards based on trade amount.

  • Multiply wealth management income

Users who have positions in BGB can buy products from asset Management.

Use BGB to subscribe to Launchpad Quota and access exclusive, high-quality early-stage investments.

BGB is used as a fixed pledge pool for Launchpool and you can get new currency rewards for BGB pledge.

  • Vote on project registration

Use BGB to vote to decide if the project will go live on Bitget and get rewards.

Users holding positions in BGB can get a minimum discount of 50% on popular high-quality currencies.

BGB users can get the exclusive airdrop of tokens from time to time.

Hold BGB to participate in events and win prizes.

Users with positions on BGB can be drawn in the lottery under BGB

Bitget’s balance

  • Top 5 in the world by futures trading volume, with an average daily volume equivalent to USD 5 billion.
  • Top 1 in the world with a cumulative number of completed transactions of over 6 million.
  • Number tThe company’s total KOLs exceed 10,000 worldwide.
  • Over 2 million users in over 40 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, etc.
  • No service interruptions despite extreme market conditions and security risks, and no security incidents since launch.

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