Congress avoids state paralysis

The US Senate passed on Thursday, December 15, a text that provided for the funding of federal services until December 23, after the House of Representatives, which had done the same on Wednesday, thus for a week pushed the specter of a paralysis of state, federal government, the famous “shutdown”.

The senators voted in favor of this finance bill, which was already passed by the House on Wednesday, with 71 votes in favor and 19 against. This law still needs to be signed by President Joe Biden to take effect. Congress thus gives itself an extra week to negotiate a longer-term deal that covers the end of fiscal year 2023. Parliamentarians had until midnight on Friday to reach an agreement, otherwise all funding for federal services would suddenly have been cut off.

Technical unemployment

Ministries, but also national parks, certain museums and a large number of organizations would have been affected, which would have forced hundreds of thousands of employees into technical unemployment. The winter 2018 “closure”, the longest to date, had particularly affected baggage screening at airports. Despite the strong partisan divisions, most elected officials on both sides do not want this situation, which risks creating chaos before the holidays.


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