Colomiers. Léa, from the USA to the French championships

Licensed to USC Athletics since returning from the US in 2018, she is the 2022 Occitanie champion at 2,000m Albi in 6’37”14 in June, 4th best French performance of the year and will finish 8th at French championships in Angers over 1,000 mi 3’04”00, record over 1,000 mi 2’59”00, which is the 5th French performance of the year.

Arriving as the youngest 1st year, her progress remains dazzling to say the least. “I started learning about athletics when I was in Maryland. So naturally I wanted to continue in a club when I returned to France”. Since then, the young girl admits to training 10 hours a week under the guidance of Felix Chiaramonte, “who combines the demand while paying attention to his athletes. My results are largely due to his advice”, she admits.

As for her, her coach describes her as someone “who has a lot of talent and has a lot of racing intelligence, although sometimes she still lacks a little confidence. She has to believe in her potential”. The year 2023 could again bring it to the next national deadlines. “My goal is to become champion in Occitanie again and to do better at the French championships,” she confides. The tone is set with an enthusiasm that can be read on his face.

As a schoolboy at Victor Hugo, when she is not on the field, Léa admits to having a real passion for singing, which she took lessons from as a resident at the Columérin Conservatoire. “I also attend concerts with the group of my grandfather, Hubert”. So it’s not just to set a time that Léa has talent.

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