Coinbase Announces New and Improved Trading Service

Coinbase is cleaning up its services and returning with a new, much more centralized trading offer.

An alternative and more global service

The Coinbase exchange platform is constantly trying to improve its services. Since 2018, the company has also been delighting traders thanks to its secure tool Coinbase Pro. Characterized by its great security of assets and its moderate fees, the platform had made technical analysis its workhorse. But from this summer, things will change for customers.

In fact, the platform Coinbase Pro will close its doors. Do not panic, however, since the exchange giant has planned to replace its service with another, titled AdvancedTrade. The latter should be available during the month of July. In a press release, Coinbase justified its decision by the need to merge all its services on the same platform.

Customers have told us how much they love Coinbase Pro’s power and unique focus for buying, selling, and trading crypto. Meanwhile, on and the Coinbase App, we’ve added advanced crypto features to foster deeper engagement with the crypto economy, such as staking, borrowing, dapp wallet, and Coinbase Card. […] As a result, many customers rely on Coinbase Pro and for overlapping functionality, and often encounter friction when transferring balances between the two products.

Excerpt from the Coinbase press release announcing the release of Advanced Trade

Source: Coinbase Twitter account

AdvancedTrade should therefore combine the best of both worlds while being an improved version of the previous tool. According to Coinbase, technical analysis should also evolve. The set should therefore facilitate the work of traders while being faster.

Advanced Trade offers deeper technical analysis, advanced real-time order books, and charts powered by TradingView to help clients research and analyze crypto markets before making investment decisions. It also offers enhanced order flow to make it easier and faster to place market, limit or stop loss orders directly on the Coinbase exchange, which offers one of the most attractive pools of liquidity.

Excerpt from the Coinbase press release announcing the release of Advanced Trade

Finally, AdvancedTrade should offer better rewards to its users. For the moment, Coinbase has not yet revealed all the secrets of its new service and has promised to implement a whole battery of updates that should make a difference.

Coinbase improves its services… but hides big internal problems

If the arrival ofAdvancedTrade should be able to delight traders, the news is not without hiding a whole series of difficulties within the company. Indeed, the latter is going through a real crisis, caused by the brutal collapse of cryptocurrencies. An event that the company did not foresee and which forced it to take part in the wave of layoffs that affects most crypto players.

Similarly, the exchange platform has just been sued. Coinbase had indeed listed USTerra while telling investors that the token was stabilized by a reserve of dollars. The latter turned out to be false and when the Do Kwon coin disappeared, customers multiplied the losses… before turning against Coinbase. Accused of negligence and having misled its users, the company will have to face one more obstacle in its evolution.


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