Clariant: simplified organization and new head of technology & sustainability

Clariant streamlines its organization. The Swiss chemical group is going from five to three business units whose presidents will be established in the most strategic regions for the company. “Through our new operating model and transformed culture, we will foster greater customer focus, greater autonomy, greater accountability and transparency, and adopt a new approach to leadership development by promoting an inclusive and diverse culture – thereby securing Clariant’s position to achieve its 2025 ambitions, in line with our goal-driven strategy,” comments Conrad Keijzer, Group CEO.

Exit the head of transformation

The new structure also eliminates the hierarchical levels, then that the heads of business units will report directly to the CEO. The group thereby eliminates the intermediate roles of Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Operating Officer. The two managers who held these positions have decided to leave the company.

The firm will now be managed by an executive committee comprising the CEO and the three business unit managers, and a management team made up of Tatiana Berardinelli (Chief Human Resources Officer), Alfred Muench (General Counsel), Chris Hansen (Chief Corporate Development Officer), and Richard Haldimann (Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer). “By bringing together all key functions when it comes to important strategic decisions, Clariant will accelerate decision-making, strengthen its governance and increase accountability,” Clariant explains.

A single manager for sustainability and technologies

Head of both technology and sustainability and therefore a member of the management team, Richard Haldimann was appointed to this role last February. In the Clariant group for 12 years, he led the work of developing and executing the scientific objectives for greenhouse gas emissions of scopes 1, 2 and 3, as well as the roadmaps to evolve Clariant’s portfolio and operations towards climate neutrality.

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