Citroën and Buzzman give their AMI advice to Elon Musk

He has a rocket, but he won’t have this AMI.

Do you remember the Citroen FRIEND ? But yes, this micro car in the shape of a toaster, 100% electric, which can be driven without a license from the age of 14. After an initial poster campaign in a tone of self-derision, to which we returned in a campaign review with Florent Kervot, Deputy Managing Director of Buzzman and manager of the Citroën account, the agency unveils a second part aimed directly at… Elon Musk.

A Citroën that sold out even before its launch, but that a man as wealthy as Elon Musk could not afford? It is indeed the return of the AMI. It is on the occasion of the release of a very limited version,“My Friend Buggy”, that the French manufacturer and the agency are making a comeback. This version, of which the 50 models were sold in less than 18 minutes, allows their buyer to have the privilege of personalizing its frontage, but also of adding a numbered and exclusive plaque to the dashboard.

You will have understood it, even if the offer is tempting, you can no longer afford to buy it, due to out of stock. Moreover, even the largest fortunes in the world will not be able to – unless they buy Citroën of course. This is what Buzzman wanted to remind with a poster campaign calling out Elon Musk, the future first trillionaire in history. Once again, the slogans are clever: “Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to redeem us”.

The campaign has been visible on billboards in Paris and Cannes since June 21, and in the headlines of the French press from June 23.


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