CIP Technologie inaugurates AtelierDéfi

A showcase of industry 4.0 in Tramelan. The CIP Technologie inaugurated AtelierDéfi on Friday. This connected bar turning micro-workshop is unique in Switzerland. It is equipped with modern hardware and software developed by a dozen regional industry players and has several modules allowing a concrete demonstration mode. This demonstration workshop benefits from a structure that makes it possible to present solutions in the field of digitization in real situations to bar-turning companies or microtechnology professionals and to carry out tests. To do this, a full story was created around the workshop demonstration, complete with debriefing and reset.

One of the major objectives of AtelierDéfi is to present an attractive image of bar turning to schoolchildren, parents and teachers in a lively way, in order to promote technical professions. Visits will be organized from Saturday. /comm-emu


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