Meta must remove discriminating criteria from its advertising targeting technology

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has agreed to change its advertising targeting methods and pay $115,054 in fines to end a lawsuit from the US government, which accused Facebook of facilitating racist and sexist discrimination. According to the US government, social networking technologies allowed advertisers to choose who could see their ads, based on gender, skin … Read more

Avoid cloud jacking with more scalable technology

For some years, the cloud continues to prevail, so that the migrations of data from companies are more and more numerous. However, if it is generally synonymous with agility, adaptation, flexibility and innovation, it has also become the new target of cybercriminals. Attack techniques are increasingly sophisticated, and data protection is not always sufficiently strong. … Read more

Volvo Trucks bets on hydrogen

In order to decarbonize transport, Volvo Trucks expands its ranges and energy alternatives. In addition to battery-powered electric trucks and engines powered by renewable fuels, such as biogas, the future is looking towards hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric trucks. A technology that has the particularity of only releasing water vapour. In the second half of the … Read more

Changpeng Zhao: CTO In Eye Of Cryptocurrency Storm | Cryptocurrencies

Changpeng Zhao doesn’t like ambiguous words. What’s good: the cryptography industry, of which he is a figurehead, is in turmoil and calls for clarity. The 45-year-old founder and CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, meets the Observer in a high-end London hotel after one of the most tumultuous weeks in the digital currency’s … Read more

02:45 – In Dubai, slaughterhouses rely on technology to avoid the Eid rush

In a slaughterhouse in Al-Quoz, an industrial district of Dubai, veterinarians and employees are already preparing for the great Muslim holiday of Eid, the authorities of the emirate betting again this year on mobile applications to avoid the rush.During Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), around mid-July this year and which marks the end of the … Read more