Foldable iPhone: the display technology would be identical to that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3

L’Foldable iPhone seems even less certain than the helmet Apple VR, and yet, recurring information suggests that Apple is still working on a model of this type. The site The Elec tells us today that the Cupertino company has started the development of OLED panels without polarizer and therefore thinner (and also more foldable as … Read more

Five technologies that will transform the future of humanity

Many technologies are already used on a daily basis. Nevertheless, these five technological advancements will profoundly transform society and humanity as a whole. artificial intelligence (IA) AI andmachine learning refers to the ability of electronic devices to learn and act intelligently, that is, to make decisions, perform tasks and even predict future outcomes based on … Read more

Semikron selects ST technology for its electric vehicle SiC modules

STMicroelectronics announces the supply of its silicon carbide (SiC) technology to Semikron, a German manufacturer of power modules used in electric vehicles (EVs). Semikron recently announced that it has secured a €1 billion contract to supply its eMPack power modules to a major German automaker, starting in 2025. Today’s announcement crowns a technical collaboration that … Read more

Grand-Katanga: Vodacom celebrates 20 years of digitalization and reiterates its commitment to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation

From 2002 to 2022, it has been a total of 20 years to the day that the telecommunications company Vodacom has settled in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A Voda Talk under the theme “20 years of Digitalization and Progress” was organized this Saturday to May 14 at the Pullman hotel in Lubumbashi, capital of … Read more

Western Digital launches monster 26TB hard drive, all-time high

Western Digital continues to invest in technologies around the hard drive. If SSDs are essential thanks to hitherto unprecedented transfer speeds, conventional hard drives remain very popular because of their lower cost, their increased reliability and above all their storage density. These volumes can be integrated into RAID clusters to boost throughput – or used … Read more