Hacktivist group Anonymous says it will ensure Terra founder Do Kwon is brought to justice in a recently released YouTube video | Anonymous, Do Kwon, Luna

Hacktivist group Anonymous intends to investigate Kwon’s background since entering the cryptocurrency industry and believe he may have committed several other crimes. Anonymous listed all of Do Kwon’s alleged crimes, including taking $80 million a month from the Terra ecosystem and his role in the crash of Basis Coin, another algorithmic stablecoin allegedly created by … Read more

3 blockchain stocks alternatives to cryptocurrencies to put in your portfolio

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) Riot Blockchain, a cryptocurrency mining company based in Colorado, is focusing on this activity in North America. The company is divided into four sections: Engineering, Data Center Hosting, Electrical Products, and Bitcoin Mining. Approximately 31,000 miners were employed by the firm as of December 31, 2021. … Read more

Bitcoin plunge: false good news for the planet

The value of bitcoin has plummeted and the energy consumption linked to this cryptocurrency has followed the same slope. However, the new situation is still not very encouraging for our planet. Bitcoin is not doing well. The most popular cryptocurrency in the world is going through an unprecedented crisis that is resulting in a collapse … Read more

From crash to crash, how low can bitcoin fall?

By Elsa Trujillo Posted 1 hour ago, Update 48 minutes ago There are warning signs of all of the great variations of bitcoin, which you need to know how to spot. DADO RUVIC / REUTERS DECRYPTION – Since January, the cryptocurrency has lost 53% of its value. The current crisis differs from previous recessions. Whether … Read more