BMW i7 (2023): performance, technology… what to remember from the spectacular electric 7 Series?

The new generation of the BMW 7 Series, revealed in the spring of 2022, can certainly already be considered one of the most disturbing in the line. This is not a reproach, just an observation, without value judgement. We are not only talking about the totally unrestrained pencil stroke, disturbing according to the fashionable expression… In itself, we find a certain balance in this massive silhouette, composed of raw angles and abrupt surfaces. And the profile, typically BMW, evokes a certain affinity with the E32 of the 80s. With an obvious scale difference, of course. Series 7 2023 is therefore a monumental limousine 5.39 m long, 2 meters wide…and almost as tall as an SUV (1.54 m)! personal appreciation, dealing with something of a scarecrow in the very subdued world of large luxury sedans could secure our votes.

In addition to the large size, the new 7 series (aka G70) will above all be the electrification of the BMW flagship. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer has chosen to launch the i7 version upstream of the hybrid and combustion engines (two petrol PHEVs and a diesel with micro-hybridization are also in the catalogue). On the scale of the car, built-in technology flirts with excess: the i7 is one of them rare electric to exceed 100 kWh battery (101.7 kWh net capacity).

The announced autonomy of 600 km seems optimistic, however, if we make full use of the 544 hp. (same configuration as the BMW i4 m50, with one engine per axle). Cohesive cavalry to move the 2.7 tons of impressive machinery… and set almost sporting times (4.7 s from 0 to 100 km/h). The 7 series is therefore a self-driving limousine. We will quickly discover that it is also appropriate to take advantage of the incredible attentions as a passenger, during charging stops. Then we could tell you all about the length and width (31.3-inch screen attached to the ceiling!) of the confusing cinema room in the rear seats… Before we hit the road (and ‘dwell on the minimum price of € 139,900) , here it is essential to remember from the seventh BMW 7 series of the name.

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