Bitcoin and Ether baskets land on Twitter

This new feature allows internet users to see the price of the two main cryptocurrencies in real time.

The social network Twitter continues to show its interest in cryptocurrencies. A new feature allows you to follow the price of certain US stocks in real time, as well as the price of the two main cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ether, as revealed by the account Documenting Twitter.

So just type in the search field of the social network “$bitcoin” or “$ether” to see their prices displayed in real time, Twitter puts a link to the Robinhood trading platform. A partnership therefore appears to have been entered into between the two entities. In addition, the link refers to a page of Robinhood with the progress of the crypto, where it is suggested to register on the platform to buy bitcoin or ether.

But while we know the interest of Twitter boss Elon Musk in relation to the dog-headed cryptocurrency Dogecoin, only the prices of bitcoin and ether are currently visible on the social network.

“The introduction of stock and crypto exchange rates could be a first step towards a financialization of the blue bird’s social network”, assesses the specialized media Cryptocast.

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