Binance: zero fees operation on BTC trading pairs

To celebrate his fifth birthday, the leader of the exchanges crypto is doing strong by waiving fees on a wide range of BTC trading pairs in its spot market. The offer will start the day after tomorrow and will be maintained until further notice.

Binance’s zero-fee offer

We know the good health of Binance in a market that suffers a thousand deaths. Many of its competitors, surprised by the expected fall in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies, from $3 trillion in November 2021 to 943 billion dollars currently, opt for austerity measures including the elimination of part of their staff.

Binance, not content with continuing its recruitment and expansion policy, is displaying its insolent vigor, and above all its good management of Bitcoin cycles and others, by offering today from free trading on thirteen BTC combinations. In fact, from July 8 and for an indefinite period, users of the platform will be able to exchange their bitcoin for stablecoins or fiat currencies: BTC/USDT, BTC/USDC, BTC/BUSD, BTC/EUR and even more.

The new fees will be in effect until further notice, allowing Binance users around the world to enjoy the feeling of free beyond the two-week anniversary celebrations.

Binance Press Release

A marketing operation that contrasts with the ambient doldrums

The giant with 120 million claimed usersalready renowned for its low fees, intends to attract new users through this marketing operation.

At its core, Binance is an inclusive platform with accessibility in mind. The elimination of trading fees on certain BTC spot trading pairs is another step in this direction.

Binance Press Release

Its US subsidiary had preceded it by offering, in June, to trade bitcoin free of charge on four trading pairs. A movement against the current at a time when a number of other platforms want to revise their prices upwards. Thus Bitstamp, which wanted to impose a penalty on small inactive accounts before finally backpedaling under pressure from its users. As for, it has announced that it will now charge 1% on credit card deposits from its European customers.

Finally, it should be noted that the champions of reduced fees, FTX and Kraken, also well positioned in the genre, are the ones that are best resisting this crypto winter.

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