Binance Fees: No More Bitcoin Trading Fees?

As a result, the affected pairs will be excluded from Binance’s usual discounts on transaction fees as well as other similar promotions or offers. It should be noted that this new policy of the cryptocurrency exchange platform will come into effect on Friday, July 8, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Binance.

Introducing zero-fee #Bitcoin spot trading on #Binance! To commemorate #BinanceTurns5, we’re eliminating fees on spot trading for 13 #BTC trading pairs, including $USDT, #BUSD, $USDC and $EUR.

Also on July 8, Binance has planned a face-to-face event with round tables, discussions to discover the evolution of the company over the years. For those who did not get tickets to this event announcement last May at an undisclosed location, a broadcast will be available through Binance Live.

Counter the competition

If Binance’s anniversary is the explanation from the platform’s leaders for the elimination of trading fees linked to BTC, the queen of cryptocurrencies, this can be linked to the current situation in the cryptocurrency market.

With the crash of tokens on the exchange since April and the Luna crash, users are less enthusiastic about investing and trading. They must therefore be encouraged to do so in order to remain competitive in the face of competition. The recent struggles of Coinbase, the publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange, may serve as a warning of the current tension in the industry.

@binance announces the removal from Friday of trading fees on most major BTC pairs (in spot) BTC/USDT, BTC/BUSD, BTC/USDC, BTC/EUR, BTC/TRY, etc. Competition with FTX will redouble interest 🔥

Meanwhile, the Binance token, the BNC or Binance Coin has been on an upward slope since Monday, July 4, trading at the time of writing at $233.57 according to data from CoinMarketCap. According to the forecasts of analysts from Changelly who advise the token for purchase, its price will reach in 2022 a minimum of $354.19 and a maximum level of $413.46.

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