Beemo Technologie opens its capital to focus on cybersecurity

On Gabriel Biberian, the founder and president of Beemo Technology, Mlanie Biberian takes over the management of the publisher, of which she has been the channel director since 2004. Photo credit: DR

Montpellier’s Beemo Technologie raises €4 million from Galia Gestion and Bpifrance. These resources will be used in particular in the context of takeovers aimed at developing the publisher’s offer beyond data protection and backup.

Gabriel Biberian hands over. The main holder of shares in Montpellier’s Beemo Technologie, the latter sold the majority of the capital of the company Galia Gestion (reference shareholder) and Bpifrance. At the same time, he retired from the presidency of the editor of data protection and backup solutions in favor of his sister, Mlanie Biberian. Present in the company since 2004, the latter was until now the channel director. In this capacity, she has made a first-rate contribution to the development of Beemo’s network of partners. It includes, for example, IT service providers such as Aramis Group, Airria, Calliope Group, Caplaser, and members of the Squence Informatique and Escrim groups.

The international also in the line of sight

The €4 million raised from its new shareholders should enable the publisher to conquer new market segments in the field of cybersecurity, in France and internationally. A development that will go through organic growth and acquisitions. In a context where cybersecurity issues are becoming crucial for all companies, and in which a large number of SME managers still have to develop their company’s data protection architecture, Galia Gestion has decided to support a French and independent player who has demonstrated his ability to adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs and the self-employedsaid Andr Debet, investment director at Galia Gestion.

A target of €5 million in turnover in 2022

Beemo offers several offers based on its Data Safe Restore technology, including Beemo2Cloud. This service consists of triple data backup: on a Beemo appliance placed at the customer’s premises and on two secure Jaguar Networks data centers, one in Marseilles, the other in Lyons. Based on an inverse mode of operation, the Cloud2Beemo solution relies on the pairing of a virtual Beemo appliance installed in the Cloud with a physical Beemo appliance deployed locally. Then comes the Beemo2Beemo offer, which is based on the placement of a Beemo appliance on a first customer site and its replication on a second Beemo appliance present on a remote site of the same company. Finally, the Beehive service takes the form of a remote backup offer hosted by a Beemo certified partner. Here, the data is automatically backed up on a first site then replicated on a second remote site.

This year, Beemo Technologie expects a turnover of 5 M€. In France, the company claims around 1,000 customers.

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