Banks, insurance: your disputes will soon be settled more quickly

Consumer defense associations have been asking for it for a long time: they could soon obtain satisfaction. According to an article in Les Echos on Tuesday, May 10, new good practices should soon be among the rules to be observed by banks and insurance companies. Our colleagues were able to access a draft recommendation from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), an institution integrated into the Banque de France which monitors the activity of these sectors while ensuring the protection of their clients. And precisely, the ACPR would have looked into the rules of good conduct surrounding “complainants”: people who have disputes with their banks or their insurance companies.

According to Les Echos, the Autorité issued a long-awaited recommendation concerning the response time of these establishments. The latter will have to respond to consumers who make complaints within two months. This deadline should already have been respected, but the novelty lies in the fact that complaining consumers will be able to contact a mediator two months after sending their first written complaint, regardless of the service seized for the request.

According to the economic media, this new possibility will make the life of claimants less complicated, and access to mediation will be facilitated, since very often, consumers could make mistakes and contact a service that is not not the right one, and end up seizing the mediator not after two months, but several months. Lost time which should fade, if the project is well validated by the ACPR.

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