Axa automates its home insurance

Policyholders will soon be able to file their claim online and automatically get their compensation back. The tool is initially offered to brokers.

The insurance company Axa is taking a new step towards automating claims processing. The Eclaims system has already been implemented by the company in the field of car insurance. It is now available for home insurance claims. First is this tool offered to brokers which works with Axa. From next April, it will also be available to customers.

This platform fully automates claims reporting. Instead of going through exchanges with the broker or the insurance company, the customer enters all the data related to the incident online, including all the useful documents (photos, invoice from a repairer, etc.). The customer can also make one video call with an expert the insurance company to show him the damage. The system immediately calculates the amount of compensation which is paid to the insured and any deductible.

“This automation tool will allow us to better handle large volumes of files, especially during natural disasters like floods.”

Audrey Amiot

COO at Axa Belgium

The purpose of this system is to save time and make the management of these files more efficient, which often requires many round trips between the client and the broker. The broker is informed about the procedure. An Axa employee is always responsible for validating the amount to be paid to the insured. But the company does not rule out one day automating the process completely and abandoning the validation step.

“With the increase in the number of natural disasters such as floods, we will have to deal with increasingly frequent peak situations. This type of tool will allow us to better handle large volumes of files”, explains Audrey Amiot, COO of Axa Belgium.

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