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Starting your first online trades is a dream for many investors who will then make it their primary or secondary activity. Nevertheless, this profession (or this activity) is not without risks. In fact, the trader can lose all his money in one or two clicks if the markets do not go in the direction of his short-term outlook. Especially if he uses leverage. It is therefore important to choose a good trading platform, trustworthy, so as not to go to the trouble… the flower with the gun.

By Bertrand Dubourg

What is online trading?

A trader looking to invest in online markets and open positions will sell and buy stocks by betting on rising or falling market prices. There are mainly two categories of dealers:

  • The independent trader who performs this operation for himself;
  • The salaried trader who works for a financial institution;

Traders want to generate profits as quickly as possible and develop different and varied strategies according to their beliefs in the markets. The trader speculates and wants to take advantage of all market opportunities. In other words, there are 3 families of traders:

  • The swing trader : who simply want to supplement their income with a long-term approach. The swing trader generally has a good knowledge of economics.
  • that day trader: The trader opens and closes his buy positions over a day. It uses technical analysis and not fundamental.
  • The scalping trader: Very short investment horizon. Here the trader takes positions for a few minutes or a few seconds.

Before you start getting serious about online trading

Choose a good broker like AvaTrade

The online broker should accompany you when you start online trading, especially through access to training simulators.

Manage your assets wisely

The trader may tie up no more than 2% of his capital to a position. This is called Money Management!

Know your market to start trading seriously

You can place yourself at:

  • currencies
  • CFDs
  • Raw material
  • cryptocurrencies

Train with AvaTrade

The AvaTrade trading platform allows traders to master their trading experience thanks to tutorials and videos specifically designed to get them off to a good start in the stock market.

Introducing the AvaTrade trading platform

AvaTrade is a CFD broker that has been around since 2006 and has a lot of experience in this very specific market. AvaTrade offers its users a smooth and secure experience. AvaTrade is an Irish trading site that currently has more than 200,000 customers.

AvaTrade offers a Copy Trading option for beginners. Finally, the broker provides access to a wide selection of financial assets.

AvaTrade stands out as a quality institution that has a well-established reputation and seriousness validated, year after year, by the various financial supervisory authorities in many countries (REGAFI register, list of intermediaries approved in the category of financial investment advisers on the ORIAS website , etc.

If you want to go for a platform worthy of the name, it is better to favor a broker that provides you with appropriate tools such as:

  • trading platforms with real-time prices,
  • technical analysis tools,
  • Effective customer service,
  • tutorials etc.

You must choose your online broker depending on the financial markets you wish to trade. In this, AvaTrade provides access to more than 1250 financial instruments.

AvaTrade: trading site with advanced tools

Traders on Avatrade have several platforms such as:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • AvaTrade
  • automatic trading
  • social commerce

Controlled costs

AvaTrade is well aware that brokerage fees are taken into account when choosing the right trading platform. Most internet users do not hesitate to challenge the transaction costs offered by the various brokers (spread, commissions, etc.) The platform therefore simplifies customer invoicing by integrating its commissions into the spread.

Things to remember about the benefits of AvaTrade

  • Reputable trading site
  • Trade Education Articles and Tutorials
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Wide selection of CFDs and financial underlyings

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