automated cryptocurrency trading strategies created by experts

Cryptocurrency trading simplified, optimized and automated by experts: this is what HAL offers, a platform that provides several types of trading strategies. Discover what makes HAL unique and what puts it far ahead of traditional trading robots.

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Benefit from optimized trading strategies with HAL

Former Napbots, HAL is a solution that aims to democratize access to cryptocurrency trading strategies developed by experts, and this by direct connection to the largest stock exchanges.

From now on in the hands of the CoinShares teams Since the acquisition of Napoleon Group in 2021, HAL has had the first tool that offers automated trading strategies designed and refined by experts.

CoinShares is one of most prominent cryptocurrency investment companies since its establishment in 2014 with billions of dollars in assets under management and with a wide range of tools available to traders. Its acquisition of HAL is therefore a continuation of the events that led to its fame.

HAL allows its users to connect its automated trading tool to FTX, Kraken, Binance or even Bitfinex in minutes thanks to their API key.

Platforms supported by HAL

The various trading strategies designed by HAL’s cryptocurrency trading experts undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure their viability. Before it is approved by HAL’s internal committee, a strategy must have proven itself that longest possible period based on various indicators.

In addition to the technical indicators and the various characteristics related to each cryptocurrency, some trading strategies developed by HAL are optimized using artificial intelligence. This is particularly reflected in the use of technology deep learning, to deliver the best possible responsiveness to the cryptocurrency market.

HAL’s recipe is simple: allow traders of all levels, from beginners to experts benefit from a turnkey solution that combines accessibility and time savings to make their investments profitable.

Furthermore, let us point out that HAL interfaces are available in Frenchwhich eases the navigation and the first steps for beginners in cryptocurrency trading.

Setting up an investment strategy with HAL couldn’t be easier. After one registration takes only a few seconds and is non-bindingjust link your favorite exchange to the HAL robots thanks to the API key in your account on the exchange is about.

Although it may sound like a technical term, an API key is the gateway between 2 platforms. In this case, if you choose to associate HAL with an FTX account, the API key will ensure the connection between the 2 entities in a completely secure way. This key is also provided by the exchange itself.

👉 Find HAL tutorials to easily connect your API key according to your exchange

HAL offers a dashboard grouping of your cryptocurrency portfolio, an FAQ as well as the various investment strategies available, all accessible with a single click.

HAL Dashboard

Overview of the HAL Dashboard

At the time of writing, HAL offers 4 types of strategies: Wise, Pulse, Dynamic and Artificial Intelligence (AI), each with its own specificities, but always with an optimized approach to the market. Here’s what they offer:

  • wise : a long-term investment strategy that smooths entry into an asset by taking positions long when an asset is rising. On the contrary, the position will be closed if the signals point to a decline in the asset.
  • pulse : These trading bots allow you to take advantage of both up and down trends in the market. This solution can be relevant in periods of large fluctuations.
  • Dynamic : the dynamic strategy consists of several strategies i long and in shorts to optimize exposure to certain assets.
  • Choice of artificial intelligence (AI). : As the name suggests, this strategy is enhanced by certain technologies enabled by artificial intelligence to take advantage of market momentum on a daily basis without thinking about it.

HAL strategy performance

Different strategies offered by HAL and their performance

Note that for maximum transparency and simplicity, HAL allows you to sort the available strategies for each asset based on their performance over a selected period.

Strategies created by experts

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Today, an increasing number of exchanges or platforms offer trading bots that allow it perform certain tasks after being configured by their owner.

But since these bots need to be configured, the results are still not there otherwise only provide marginal returns.

It is necessary to make the difference with the strategies that HAL proposes here, which have designed by cryptocurrency trading experts to respond to the volatility specific to the cryptocurrency market, which knows no rest unlike the stock market.

Specifically, although HAL users benefit an automated toolthe platform gives them access to a wide range of strategies established with transparency and whose performance can be checked in real time from the dashboard.

In addition, HAL allows its users to develop their knowledge thanks to the “Learn” section dedicated to both market analysis and trading strategies.

In particular, you can find articles to help you choose your first trading botunderstand the operation and effectiveness of a trading strategy, or simply to follow the latest news from the platform.

What is the price for HAL’s services?

With HAL, Coinshares has chosen to make its product accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to a simple pricing: €19.90 per month. With this subscription you can access all the strategies from HAL and that without commitment.

HAL’s subscription formula is relatively interesting, because whatever profit you want to generate with the strategies, the price remains fixed. There are also no hidden costs if, for example, you want to change your strategy or change your asset allocation.

Want to test HAL strategies? You can try the platform for free for 15 days. Note that it is not necessary to register a credit card to try HAL, a welcome feature that avoids unpleasant surprises.

Strategies created by experts

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Conclusion on HAL’s offer

With its multitude of available strategies (currently 28), HAL will satisfy all trader profiles. Its greatest advantage lies undoubtedly in the efficiency/result ratio allowed thanks to careful selection of proposed assets and their relative strategies of the HAL teams.

With a subscription plan available to all exchanges, HAL tends to become the benchmark for optimized, simplified and automated cryptocurrency trading by experts. The formula is simple: allow cryptocurrency traders to save time and diversify their strategies at the same time as having control over their allocations.

In addition, if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading, the section dedicated to learning will give you a solid foundation to discover and familiarize yourself with this environment. A help center is also available for users to learn about the various HAL tools and better understand how bots work.

It must be emphasized once again that HAL clearly differs from the trading bots offered by exchanges thanks to the different rigorous selection processes that the strategies go through before they are made available.

Finally, HAL will soon expand its offering with the introduction of indexesi.e. a single asset that aggregates several cryptocurrencies and replicates their performance, like the CAC40 of the shares of the largest French companies.

The latter will develop in accordance with all the prices of its underlying. The assets thus offered will go through a rigorous selection process every month to offer the best of them to HAL users.

👉 Test HAL for free for 15 days without having to register your credit card

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