Compare online before subscribing

Dn this complex world, the Internet provides easy access to better information and greater transparency.

It was to help policyholders make an informed choice that was created in 2000. is an online insurance comparator that allows Internet users to take a tour of the market by a few minutes, free of charge and without obligation, while achieving savings on their contracts of up to 40%.

Help in choosing your insurance

With several million contracts taken out each year, all types combined, insurance plays an important role in the daily lives and expenses of individuals. But how to choose the best contract? allows individuals to easily compare several insurance contracts and receive quotes through the channel of their choice (email, post, agency appointment, etc.). Thus, the Internet user can take the time to calmly study the insurer’s proposal and remains completely free to commit or not. The prices displayed on the comparator are valid for one month. presents insurance offers from the cheapest to the most expensive. But beyond the price, it is crucial to know what guarantees are included, a point that often remains opaque and difficult to understand for policyholders. Internet users therefore also have access to the details of the contracts, displayed in a very clear and educational manner, with the possibility of comparing the proposals with each other.

Result: the customer can find the contract that really suits him with the best quality/price ratio. Today, more than twenty years after its launch, is the most comprehensive comparator on the market. Moreover, the site reaches 4 million visitors per month and 6 million tariff simulations returned each year. These figures include all types of insurance contracts: car / motorcycle, home, individual health, borrower insurance, provident or even animals.

Savings of up to 40%

In France, policyholders have the reputation of being loyal to their insurer. But this is not always a good calculation. Indeed, a study recently carried out by showed that car insurance rates had increased by 16% in ten years, those for home insurance by 33% and complementary health insurance by 39%! In this context and while purchasing power is a real concern for the French, using insurance comparison is a simple and effective way to save money. These can go up to 40%, or 357 euros on an auto insurance contract.

Moreover, the regulatory framework is in favor of consumers. Since the Hamon law in particular, policyholders can change company at any time after one year of contract. The new insurer also takes care of all the procedures. You just have to choose it to take advantage of the economic advantages reserved for new customers. Today are affected by this measure auto, motorcycle, home, health and soon borrower insurance contracts, a product on which savings can amount to tens of thousands of euros.

A service supplemented by online reviews is a completely objective service which compares prices and levels of guarantees. However, as in many sectors, consumers want to know the quality of a service before committing themselves: is this insurer good? Does he compensate quickly? Is customer service easily reachable? To meet this need, has launched, the first opinion site for all players in the sector: insurance companies, brokers, mutuals and even insurtechs. now has more than 120,000 members and published 40,000 opinions in 2021. Based on the ratings collected in terms of satisfaction and price, the site also offers the ranking of the best insurers. The latter also have the possibility of responding to Internet users who leave a comment, which makes it possible to settle certain disputes more quickly. Last year, 10,000 responses were provided by insurers.

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