Arnaud Pouille: “We don’t want ultra trade”

Since the arrival of Joseph Oughourlian in the end of RC lensthe club Lensois regained both sporting and financial stability. Anyway Racing started from afar with a place in Ligue 2 and a delicate financial situation.

Arnaud Pouille has been the General Manager of RC Lens since 2017

Arnaud Pouillethe director general of RCL, returns to this essential work, which in particular went through a PSE (employment protection plan) in the columns of Challenges: ” The goal was to save the club in Ligue 2 because things went wrong. There were a series of defeats, pitch invasions and a loan taken out for Euro 2016 to be repaid. It’s simple, there was no organization chart. »

Arnaud Pouille contributed to the revival Lensois inspired by other elite clubs: ” The stability in Montpellier, in Angers the leadership of executive players or in Reims the selection of players after training. says the artesian leader. The latter wants to keep a guideline: respect the club’s history Lensois while refusing to fall into the excesses of modern football: ” We are a training club, but we don’t want ultra trade. We do not buy 19-year-old children to resell. Our DNA is Compagnie des mines. »

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