An old dispute remains unresolved in insurance

The conflict over the contracts of the insurer Abeille Vie, marketed between 1989 and 1997, is now conditioning the takeover of the group renamed Aviva.

One billion euros could be paid to certain contract holders of the insurer Abeille Vie (ex-Aviva). A veritable sea serpent in the process of the takeover of this company by the Aéma group, the dispute over “contracts at known prices”, marketed between 1989 and 1997, has been agitating the insurance community for more than fifteen years. This subject will not fail to resurface on June 28, during the general meeting of Afer, the French Association for savings and retirement. Its president, Gérard Bekerman, had conditioned the takeover of Aviva on the settlement of the dispute, to protect its 760,000 worried members. But without success so far.

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