AMPLI Mutuelle awarded the Label of Excellence for its PER

AMPLI, a health mutual known to cover liberals and self-employed (TNS) has just been awarded the Label of Excellence 2022 for its Retirement Savings Plan (PER) called AMPLI-PER Liberté. This is the second consecutive year that AMPLI Mutuelle has won this distinction, which is awarded annually by Profideo experts, and which is the highest distinction awarded by Dossiers de l’épargne.

What is the Label of Excellence of Dossiers de l’épargne?

This independent organization, which publishes thematic guides every year on all insurance, savings and banking contracts, has also rewarded the best products since 1984, by awarding them this badge.

The services offered by each insurer are closely examined by the experts, who are particularly attentive to the rates, guarantees and services offered. A sieve that then allows individuals to be able to turn to contracts of trust, performance, and adapted to their needs.

With the arrival of the new PERs at the end of 2020, these savings products experienced a real resurgence of interest, halfway between life insurance and the Livret A. As a mutual dedicated to liberals and to the self-employed, AMPLI has long-standing expertise in this type of contract, because the TNS are forced to take care of their pensions themselves, when they do not have to build up their retirement on their own.


What are the advantages of PER AMPLI-PER Liberté?

With his PER ” Freedom “ AMP promises several advantages:

  • A interesting taxation : AMPLI accompanies you to allow you to deduct from your taxes your payments towards your PER.
  • A performance guaranteed by managed management: AMPLI Mutuelle’s arbitration helps you direct your savings towards the best-performing (or most secure) funds.
  • the choice of output mode : when you retire, you can recover your savings in the form of a life annuity, capital, or a combination of the two.
  • The possibility of early exit : in the event of a major event (over-indebtedness, death, hospitalization, property purchase, etc.) it is possible to release all or part of the funds.
  • The ability to transfer his old PER (Perp, Madelin, Perco and article 83) towards a new contract.
  • Contract among the cheapest on the market : 0 euro administration fees, 0% payment fees, 0% annuity fees,
  • The ease of subscribe online : in just 5 steps, you can set up your retirement savings plan from your computer. An advisor can accompany you by phone in the process.
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