Alvexo, the broker that relies on trading training

The Alvexo broker has established itself as one of the leaders in online trading with an educational ambition that makes it a unique broker. We met Stéphane Ceaux-Dutheil, analyst at Alvexo. He tells us about the special conditions and advantages of Alvexo.

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Trading is within everyone's reach.
Trading is within everyone’s reach.
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As a stock market expert, why did you join the Alvexo broker a few years ago?

EAs an analyst, it was important to join a trusted broker, perfectly regulated and known, working with all the regulatory authorities in Europe. Regulated brokers such as Alvexo are subject to very strict rules for the selection of trading candidates: any investor or potential client must first answer a series of questions online confirming the seriousness of the approach and knowledge of the risks associated with the operation of the exchange. Alvexo also guarantees withdrawal of deposits and safe management of funds, which is a fundamental criterion for identifying a trusted broker. It should also be noted that Alvexo is physically located a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées. And then Alvexo’s overall ambition is to get the customer to think like a business operator. This approach appealed to me.

Alvexo in particular has a reputation for insisting on training in trade. From that perspective, what are the most popular tools you offer?

Among Alvexo’s most popular tools are the technical and mapping analyzes that we make available to our customers every day. Other tools are in high demand, such as web TV and live streams, the filmed review of the markets that I host live every day, but also the two webinars per month. This bi-monthly online meeting focuses on current macroeconomic topics that help trading, on trading education, etc. Another very popular service is access to trading signals, which allows you to learn, in time, real ideas and trading opportunities.

Finally, how does Alvexo support its customers who are new to online trading?

This is the whole issue of personalizing services. In the stock market, customers’ needs are constantly changing. Therefore, our focus is first and foremost on listening to adapt and in real time. Our services are designed to be a point of contact at every stage of the trader’s journey should he express a desire or need. Our offer is also designed to adapt to all levels. For example, we publish an e-book once a month covering news on 4 key assets to watch. It is written in such a way that any type of trader will be able to find his account and read the graphical analyzes without difficulty.

Why is innovation at the heart of commerce today?

This question of innovation concerns first and foremost the subject of the trading platform, and more specifically the technical and technological qualities of this platform. Concretely, it is she who acts as an interface between the individual and the financial markets. In terms of transactions, everything can go very quickly. Alvexo has therefore worked on a platform model with ultra-fast order execution. Innovation also means integrating all the necessary tools for trading in one place: technical analysis, videos, trading signals, charts, etc. All this must be simple and intuitive, which is why we talk about an “all-in-one platform”. It is necessary to recreate the real conditions in the trading rooms for the trader in question. The quality of the trading experience is also a matter of innovation.

We talk a lot about the issue of energy and raw materials in trade. For what reasons?

The issue of energy and raw materials is indeed a very good illustration of how markets work. They often gave rise to many potential trading opportunities. Geopolitical tensions in several parts of the globe, the race for supplies everywhere and OPEC’s decisions are factors that contribute to the interest of many traders.

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