Algerian scientists invent world-patented technology

Remarkable feat! A team of Algerian scientists from Djillali Liabès University in Sidi Bel Abbes has succeeded in developing a revolutionary invention. It is about one technology for cleaning solar panels which enables unprecedented efficiency and energy savings. This innovation will be the subject of a international patent.

The team of inventors made by four researchers, namely: Amar TILMATINE, Nezha KADOUS, Khelifa YANALLAH and Yassine BELLEBNA. The latter works in the Plasma Applications, Electrostatics and Electromagnetic Compatibility (APELEC) laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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On November 23, 2022, the APELEC laboratory announced on its official Facebook page filing of patent at the Algerian National Institute of Intellectual Property (INAPI) with international expansion (PCT filing at World Intellectual Property Organization level [OMPI]). The invention is entitled “Device for self-cleaning and cooling of solar panels with electric wind”.

Page with the patent that APELEC filed with INAPI (click to enlarge).

APELEC specifies that this patent, which constitutes a first for an Algerian laboratory“concerns a new self-cleaning technique for solar panels unique in the worldwithout the use of water, without contact with the surface of the panel and as works with the power of a simple LED lamp. »

What are the advantages of the Algerian system for self-cleaning solar panels?

Maintenance of solar panels is often a problem because contact of the surface with water or cleaning agents reduces their efficiency. In addition, the current ‘wind blast’ technology requires large power generators and therefore consumes a lot of energy. Opposite to, the Algerian invention of self-cleaning and cooling with electric wind does not need a generator and works with the equivalent of an LED lamp’s power.

Professor Ttilmatine, director of the APELEC laboratory, told “This invention is essential for cleaning solar panels because it is maintenance-efficient and energy-saving. It does not require a large blower. “We hope, adds the scientist, that this invention will find an echo on a global level in the future. »

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For his part, Yassine Bellebna said: “Solar panels require constant maintenance, especially in desert areas. Existing technologies work with water, which, in addition to being a valuable resource, has disadvantages in use. Furthermore, current blowers use a lot of energy. This is not the case with the machine we have developed. »

Professor Amar TILMATINE with two of his collaborators: Nezha KADOUS and Yassine BELLEBNA.

The researcher continues: “We invented this technology by pure chance. We were working on making an air blower that we intended for other uses. But after testing, we found that it would be more effective for cleaning solar panels. In currently the device works with an electric cable, but we plan to equip it with a battery to make it autonomous. »

The need to bring the university closer to companies and the economic world in Algeria

Moreover, the connection that connects the university with the world of economy and business is still missing in many companies and research laboratories in Algeria. But it seems that the University of Sidi Bel Abbes has made remarkable progress in this area. The latter has already marketed certain products from its laboratories, and today it is preparing to patent and then market its new device for cleaning solar panels.

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In this connection, Pr Tilmatine emphasizes: “We have around twenty patents in many areas, the most important of which relates to an electric sorting machine for plastic and iron waste. A machine that we were able to market in collaboration with a company from Sidi Bel Abbes wilaya. »

For his part, Y. Bellebna notes that cooperation between universities, research centers and industrial and commercial companies is still very insufficient. This is why, he adds, we must work to strengthen this relationship in order to support scientific research and develop the national industry and economy.

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The inventor explains that the absence of a relationship between the academic world and the economic world constitutes a waste of human and material capacities and renders the product of scientific research in Algeria useless.

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