Alès: Introduction to indoor golf facilitated by innovative 21st century technologies

A new sports space has been opened on the Alesian crown with, in key words, golf and the desire to create a first access step for neophytes.

Indoor golf (inside), out of sight and out of the weather, you can imagine that this exists in Alès, thanks to the high-tech installations of “L’instant Golf”, a company that has developed a large local in the urban crown .

Led by David Blachon and Fabien Garcia, these two partners wanted to create a high-performance and comfortable structure to allow golfers to enjoy the discipline without having to walk on a real natural course. We created “L’instant Golf” last June, at Rocade est, to give beginners as well as experienced golfers the opportunity to find here ways to improve their sport.

The Trackman, a boon for golfers

Many Alesian Basin enthusiasts have been looking for grips to improve their game and Trackman technology has been the medium. This device is a radar which makes it possible to know more about the player’s movements.

It is placed behind him and he scans his movements during impact and shows the entire flight of the ball on the screen. “We hit with real clubs and real balls, remembers Fabien Garcia. The ball is projected onto a giant screen, which makes it possible to watch its flight through a certain lane. Here we have two boxes where the players can train at their leisure during the week. We also have a development part of the “Little Game”, which looks like miniature golf, with a corporate reception room on top, to join teams in the spirit of Teambuilding, to strengthen social ties. And an aspect not to be overlooked in case of a bit of hunger is a dining room available for golfers.

L’instant Golf, 612 route d’Uzès, in Alès. Info on 04 66 52 62 57 and at

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