Ahead of Elon Musk’s arrival, Twitter reassures its users about privacy

An educational game signed Twitter provides a better understanding of the use made of our data on the platform.

Social networks use our personal data all over the place, and it is often difficult to find your way around and understand what is really going on behind the scenes. For the sake of clarity, Twitter has made the decision to make its privacy policy more accessible and more understandable to ensure that more users are aware of it.

It was therefore rewritten to make it easier to read, but it is still very long and the social network knows full well that few people will take the time to read it in full. So, always with the aim of educating as many people as possible about the implications of using Twitter on a daily basis, they decided to publish their own educational game to learn a little more about its privacy policy.

The platform at the service of knowledge

The platform then offers us a platform game (we had to do this one). Who would have thought that being good at New Super Mario Bros. could help you understand a subject as complex as the privacy of your data at Twitter? If you are thirsty to learn and play a little old-fashioned flash game, the network invites you to ConfidentiaCité to unlock the mysteries of the Twittersphere.

© Twitter / Momo Pixel

Twitter Rush Info presents itself as a lovely pixel art project with pastel art direction by Momo Pixel that is immediately pleasing to the eye. With an adorable little blue dog that you have to walk through the streets of ConfidentiaCité, the game envelope does everything to please and make you want to learn.

Unfortunately, the realization itself is not amazing and the gameplay is pretty average to bad. The jumps are difficult and the hitboxes poorly programmed, which ultimately makes exploring the game rather tedious. Despite everything, the retro soundtrack is pleasant, and the whole thing creates a truly nostalgic experience of 2000s flash games of questionable quality. The objective was probably not to offer a game of this quality on a voluntary basis, but the recipe manages to remain effective, and we can only welcome Twitter’s initiative, far from the behavior of other social networks. .

It remains to be seen what will happen to this kind of content and communication from the platform with the takeover of the social network by Elon Musk. This one already having plans to change the moderation policy of the site, it would not be surprising to see the privacy policy change completely as well. While waiting for the passing of the torch, users can try to reassure themselves by playing Rush Info Twitter right here.

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