Against insurance expertise: House fire

After a fire in a house, several experts can take turns to decide exact amount of your future compensation after the injury. Your insurance makes sure to send an expert to the scene of the fire who will take care of assessing the amount of damage after this incident, but if the amount does not suit you, that you do not estimate it not important enough you can too carry out a counter-expertise.

A counter-examination is most of the time carried out by a expert in private companieshe will therefore have no reason to estimate your loss downwards, he will determine the exact amount thanks to his detailed expertise and his shrewd eye.

It is also very important to know that this type of expertise also makes it possible to verify that all safety measures necessary are taken on your part to prevent incidents of this type from occurring, the expert will take care points out the cause of the fire.

Many people who are not satisfied with the amount of compensation after a house fire wonder how a second opinion and when it is possible to request itwe will tell you all about it in this article.

Everything you need to know about fire insurance counter assessment

In most cases, the counter-expert is requested by owner of a house that has been exposed to fire or other type of incident, its purpose will be to establish a detailed and comprehensive report which will claim your assets in a more fair and objective manner.

The steps you need to take to carry out a second assessment are quite simple once the damage has been assessed by the expert sent by the insurance company. If the amount in you does not suit you, you can without delay ask for a second opinion, which can be carried out by one expert in private practiceif you go directly to court it is also possible that the expert is appointed directly by the court.

For more information and to perform this counter-examination to claim what is rightfully yours, contact your lawyer that you advise on the procedure to be followed.

Once the expert has carried out the counter-expertise, you can send it directly to your insurance company. The fact that your insurance is trying to lower the amount of your compensation is one very common practice.

Very few owners ask for a collision expert for a sudden injury and are satisfied with the amount that the insurance company suggests, with a complete collision expert, your insurance will offer you a increased compensation amount which will suit you much better.

Be aware that the compensation period after a fire in a house can take several monthsit is for this reason that you absolutely must not let your compensation file drag out by asking a second opinion as soon as possible.

Once the counter-examination has been completed, you can expect to receive your compensation within next 3 months.

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