a witness lost 1500 euros with the copy-trading proposed by the influencer [VIDÉO]

The Marc Blata case and its supposed “scams” have been in the news lately. Indeed, let us recall, it’s the rapper Boobawho launched hostilities against the “influencers” he says. After Magalie Berdah or Milla Jasmine, it is the turn of Marc Blata, to be implicated. The alleged facts, in addition to product placements, are trading placements and in particular, the copy-trading business. A witness talks about his experience in several media interviews and believes he has lost 1500 euros with the influencer’s copy-trading.

9 out of 10 people who invested lost money “, explains Jean-Baptiste Boisseau, co-founder of the “Signal-Arnaques” platform. This is public information, which tends to demonstrate, the heavy risks of copy-trading. But what is surprising is that the influencer previously criticized trading investments. We can remember the case with the rapper Lacrim. Today, he and his wife Nade are implicated for their copy-trading business.

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Prosecution testimony against Marc Blata.

A witness namedskinny» did not hesitate to share his bad experience with the influencer. He says: “I told myself that if I could already generate a few hundred euros a month, that wasn’t bad”. However, subsequently, he testifies to having lost nearly 1500 euros because of the signals of Marc Blata and his trader. Above all, these are the promises of big gains that denounces skinny. A group of witnesses has been created to lodge a complaint, and a lawyer has been hired to defend the investors-losers supposed to have been victims of financial deception by the Blata couple.

The couple’s response

The Blata couple did not hesitate to respond and defend themselves from accusations of financial deception, scam and fraud. They believe that they have never claimed to be traders and have “several times” informed copy-trading investors of the potential risks of loss. Explanations, which do not seem to satisfy the collective. The latter therefore recalls that trading risks must be announced before any investment. Moreover, Jean-Baptiste Boisseau recalls that: ” The principle of a copy-trading scam is to explain to you that by following the signals, that is to say recommendations given on a daily basis by so-called professional traders, you will get rich like traders “. Thus, tensions appear between the Blata couple and their subscriber-investors. For the moment, the case is only media.

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