A new frost and hail insurance trial in the Cognac vineyard

Winegrowers will be compensated within three weeks of an amount fixed in advance based on data collected by sensors installed in their plots.


Cognac, the Océalia cooperative has brought together Atekka (a subsidiary of InVivo and ex Bioline Insurance) and Understory, a provider of solutions for extreme weather risks, to offer its members an innovative solution to climate change.

“As of this campaign, we are launching a new generation of parametric insurance for damage caused by hail and spring frost” describes Laurent Marbotte, commercial director of Atekka.

16 sensors capable of recording the power of storms or the size of hailstones were positioned every 3 km. “The technologies they carry make it possible to locate hail corridors and to estimate very precisely the damage they cause”. During a frost, it is the temperature at the level of the leaf tissue of the vine that is collected.

No expert passages

The data they will collect in the coming weeks will determine the amount of compensation paid to policyholders. “We won’t need to bring in experts, continues Laurent Marbotte. Winegrowers already know that they will receive 25% of the capital they have subscribed to if it is -3°C in the last week of April and that the reimbursement will amount to 60% if the event takes place at the end of May.” .

Members chose between coverage against frost, hail, or both, and specified which plots they wanted to protect.

They also defined their level of frankness. Unlike traditional multi-risk insurance, Atekka can offer 0%. However, its solutions cannot benefit from government subsidies.

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