a large piece of SpaceX debris crashes into a farm – La Nouvelle Tribune

A piece of space junk has crashed into a farmer’s property in Australia. According to the details provided on this situation, the huge machine would be a part of space debris from the torpedoes SpaceX by Elon Musk. The discovery was made following the huge explosion heard by the children of this farmer. It is a three meter object. The object is apparently part of a SpaceX Crew-1 trunk that takes humans into space. When returning from the mission, the lower part is left in space before the capsule lands.

According to some details, the piece had been in space since November 2020. The goal is for it to end up in the ocean. For Brad Tuckeran astronomy researcher at the Australian National University, “there was a plan to bring it down to earth and deliberately hit the earth’s atmosphere so that it would break up and land in the ocean”. According to this scientist, the object looks like a burnt tree from afar.

The item can be sold “on eBay”

“The Australian Space Agency is dealing with it now because there’s actually a legal protocol…so technically it’s still SpaceX”, said the researcher. On the follow-up to be given to the object, Brad Tucker let it be known that if the companyElon Musk intends to recover it she will owe the owners of the farms in which the object landed. They can also decide to entrust it “to a museum or sell it on eBay”.

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