A high-tech menstrual cup as a diagnostic tool for several diseases?

Thanks to high-tech biosensors, the “Emm” cup collects information about the menstrual cycle and will allow the detection of several diseases.

Imagined by Jenny Button and developed by a London start-up, the “Emm” cup would make it possible to detect diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes “but also the first signs of polycystic ovaries, endometriosis or even ovarian cancer”, specifies the engineer responsible for the project, Chris VanKempeninterviewed by The West Australian.

Usually on the market next year at a price of £150, the infamous cup “gathers information about the menstrual cycle by measuring various biomarkers in the blood using high-tech biosensors”as pointed out Neon taste. The data is then saved in a mobile app.

Odile Bagotobstetrician-gynecologist, nevertheless specified that this cup could be “a gadget why not useful as a screening tool, but certainly not as a diagnostic tool”. asked by Doctissimoshe said: “It’s one thing to deliver information, another to interpret the results. Patients need a doctor to know how to decipher this data, which looks like a blood test.”before adding this: “A simple biological result does not make it possible to make a diagnosis”. According to him, several elements must be taken into account to interpret the symptoms: patient profile, his age, their risk factors as well as his previous exams.

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