“A discounted land trading platform in the US”, Thibaut Guéant (LandQuire)

Thibault Guéant, founder of the land trade platform Landquire in the US, is a guest on Mon Podcast Immo. At the microphone of Ariane Artinian, he evokes the advantages of his proptech, which makes it possible to buy and resell land. A solution reserved for well-informed investors. Selected excerpts.

My Realty Podcast: What is LandQuire’s role?

Thibaut Gueant: LandQuire is a market analysis proptech that allows us to be very aggressive in sending offers to private landlords in need of cash, trading at significantly discounted prices to around 50% of market value. Investors can thus recover the analysis that we have done very thoroughly, on more than 120 pre-selective criteria, invest in these projects and recover 50% of the profit on resale, giving a return of 15% on average between 6 and 12 months .

Mon Podcast Immo: However, these very attractive returns are not guaranteed…

Thibaut Gueant: Absolutely. Each investor is aware of each opportunity and will decide whether he wants to be a financial partner on this opportunity. Of course, we cannot give any guarantees – how much for the shilling and which day we sell on.

Man Podcast Immo: You ride the wave of homeowners in difficulty, forced to sell at deep discounts. But who buys these lands?

Thibaut Gueant: In the US, we are fortunate to work with extremely powerful tools that allow us to have maximum visibility and generate a lot of offers from land buyers or developers. We are also in the American market, MLS [Multi Listing Service, base de données qui recense tous les biens en vente au niveau national et que seuls les agents immobiliers peuvent renseigner]below the market price, which allows us to resell very quickly and at the same time be cheaper than the competition.

My Realty Podcast: What’s the Entry Ticket?

Thibaut Gueant : On average, it amounts to at least $50,000. We very often work with entrepreneurs aged 35 to 70 and over, sometimes real estate agents quite regularly in French-speaking countries.

Mon Podcast Immo: What is the impact of the crisis on this type of investment?

Thibaut Gueant: Rather, the crisis we are going through works in our favor because we have more and more opportunities to buy land at reduced prices. And the next two years promise to be even more profitable because we will be able to seize even more opportunities.

Read more about Landquire here.

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