a company dedicated to atypical and aggravated risks

Who is TCA Assurances?

In the professional insurance market, TCA Assurances is a very special player that intends to take care of the specific needs faced by companies. Neither an insurance company nor an insurance wholesaler, the company claims to be a general company agent. It therefore maintains a privileged relationship with an insurance company in order to build a solution in which it believes. The advantage with this format is that TCA Assurances enjoys full autonomy with regard to the solutions offered. The latter can thus respond precisely to the needs of the client company.

More than finding an insurance contract that meets the needs of its customers, TCA Assurances also intends to offer personalized support. Advice dedicated to risk reduction is also an integral part of his care. It is therefore a real accompaniment that is implemented.

A general company agent specializing in atypical risks

TCA Assurances is characterized by the fact that it offers a tailor-made insurance solution, but also advice adapted to the company it supports. Moreover, it is also its specialization that gives it a certain success with many companies. A specialist in industrial, atypical and aggravated risks, she has been supporting numerous companies for more than 30 years to implement solutions appropriate to their specificities.

Industrial activity is therefore at the heart of TCA Assurances’ expertise, which therefore offers the most appropriate risk management solution possible. To do this, it is a close collaboration with engineers and specialized advisers which is set up in order, as we have said, to propose adequate recommendations with the aim of acting preventively and therefore reducing the risks. The opportunity at the same time to reduce the amount of the premium requested. The deep understanding of the issues relating to each company thus makes it possible to implement a tailor-made solution. Protecting the know-how and ensuring the development of each client with a personalized solution, this is what TCA Assurances offers.

What areas of intervention?

As a specialist in atypical and/or aggravated risks in business, these are many areas of intervention in which TCA Assurances is able to intervene.

The environment

Companies whose activity is likely to have an impact on the environment are supported in particular in order to comply with ICPE standards as well as all the regulations in force. Risk prevention is then absolutely necessary for the company, but also to impact the environment as little as possible in the event of an incident.

Warehouses and logistics platforms

Warehouses, transfer docks, self-storage and others require tailor-made expertise in order to protect their goods in all circumstances and maintain a relationship of trust with their service providers. To anticipate risks and insure what is there, TCA Assurances therefore offers an adequate offer.

The manufacture of building materials

Factories, spinning mills, forges, metallurgies, boilerworks, steelworks and many others are concerned here for the management of their risks. Engineering and regulatory skills allow TCA Assurances to offer a tailor-made solution to companies specializing in the manufacture of building materials.

The electronics industry

Another sector concerned by TCA Assurances’ offer: the electronics industry. This is the economic sector which produces electronic devices and which is therefore also widely present in France. TCA Assurances therefore supports this type of company in the face of the challenges specific to them!


Forging iron also represents certain risks that not all insurance companies will be able to cover. With TCA Assurances, companies in the forging industry are also protected with an adequate solution.

The leisure industry

Here, theme parks, water parks, country clubs, rage rooms and many others are concerned. These booming places have the particularity of welcoming a large volume of public sometimes on a daily basis, which requires the implementation of optimal protection with a tailor-made insurance offer.

Factories and factories

Fires, explosions, pollution, natural risks, technological risks, so many very concrete risks to which factories and factories are exposed. TCA Assurances’ proposal therefore consists in proposing a contract with an offer adapted to this risk.

Waste recovery

With regard to the risks relating to companies specializing in waste recovery, TCA Assurances also offers an offer to meet this need. Sorting centers and other waste collection centers will also benefit from tailor-made advice.

Night time recreation

Discotheques, bars, restaurants, cabarets, private clubs… All these places meet strict security requirements and it is therefore also appropriate protection that will be necessary to implement with an insurance offer. That’s good, TCA Assurances also supports this type of business.

Libertine clubs

Finally, it is also the libertine clubs that are also supported by TCA Assurances since it benefits from very specific equipment such as hammams, jacuzzis, swimming pools and others. The risks must therefore be assessed and insured properly!

There are therefore a good number of companies that can be supported by the expertise of TCA Assurances to deal with potential atypical and aggravated risks!

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To find out more about the company: https://www.tca-assurances.com/