A clock made of bronze and water

Specializing in telling the time using mecha-fluidic technology, HYT maintains its futuristic creativity while choosing a material that dates back to prehistoric times.

By Hervé Gallet

Swiss watchmaker HYT rejects its liquid display concept in a Hastroid Cosmic Hunter version that adopts the color and appearance of bronze. Limited series of 27 copies.

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vss often there are several ways to express things. A question of style, of interpretation, of the message to convey. Proof of this is with the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter watch that has just been unveiled by HYT. For the Swiss brand specializing in mecha-fluidic technology, it is thus a question of an interstellar adventure summed up in a lyrical flight: “Through space and time, a vessel of a new species tirelessly explores the urological galaxy in search of new , original expression of the art of watchmaking”. In a more down-to-earth, even down-to-earth way, we will simply write that the team led by the very creative Davide Cerrato has imagined an unprecedented variation of its watch that shows the time thanks to a liquid that moves around the dial.

From antiquity to science fiction

Let us briefly recall that, in addition to its taste for science fiction and unrestrained innovation, the brand image of the HYT house has been based for ten years on this astonishing concept inspired by clepsydras, real water clocks from antiquity. . On HYT watches, the time is not indicated with a hand, but with path of a colored liquid inside a fine capillary tube borosilicate lined with exams. It should also be noted that the operation of this strange watch is ensured in a very urological way by a manual winding mechanism which alternately compresses two flexible microreservoirs filled with immiscible liquids, one tinted, the other transparent.

Bronze in ultra light condition

LThe new model called Hastroid Cosmic Hunter stays true to this principle, but is distinguished by the material in which its case is made. HYT actually had the idea of ​​using bronze. If this copper and tin alloy were used from prehistoric times to make tools, weapons, helmets and cuirasses, it then took an artistic turn thanks to the sculptors who marked the beginning of a new Bronze Age. Then he found a utilitarian function in the XVIIIe century, when the inventors of the first diving suits chose it to make the domes so they could breathe underwater, this marine connotation extends until the 20th century.e century. It is therefore not contradictory to see bronze rediscovering the liquid element today, even though the roles have now been reversed. It is no longer the bronze that is immersed in water, but the water that rests inside a bronze box. However, there can be no question of HYT being satisfied with classic choices. Then fathers toHastroid Cosmic Hunter wanted to combine bronze and lightness. How ? The case with a diameter of 48 mm is actually assembled of one combination of carbon and titanium added to a bronze PVD treatment with a microblasted finish.

The past without nostalgia

Bronze, whose color is close to gold, tends to develop and patina due to oxidation. It is not uncommon for it to darken or acquire an iron-colored hue, we confirm at HYT, where we have chosen to control its appearance thanks to a stabilizing surface treatment: “By freezing its beauty and brightness, with a resolutely contemporary approach, free from nostalgia or an artificial search for a vintage effect, we drive bronze into a new futuristic age”. With the ambition to emphasize the nature of this piece of modern Haute Horlogerie, i.e. I’Hastroid Cosmic Hunter, the designers associated it with a black rubber strap with a green Alcantara insert with very military accents, which is adorned with an embossed pattern inspired by astronaut suits. Despite the use of an old material, this new limited series of 27 copies, as always with HYT, manages to project itself into a futuristic vision.

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