6 or 9? In the United States, a lottery presenter confuses two numbers and sows discord

The American lottery was forced to suspend its payments and recover the transfers already made.

A costly mistake. Last Tuesday, the draw for the American MegaMillions lottery began in the most ordinary way possible. Presenter John Crow listed the numbers of the “white balls” drawn, i.e., in order, 15, 19, 20, 61 and 70.

Then comes the time to draw the Megaball, a wild card that can multiply winners’ payouts. However, and as can be seen in the video left online by the lottery, the presenter announces that the number 6 has been drawn, when the correct number was actually 9 (a line is drawn below the number for differentiate, editor’s note).

In the caption of the video, MégaMillions also mentions this confusion.

“Ball 9 was drawn into the chamber and is the official result. The results of the draw, audited by Preston CPA, are white balls 15, 19, 20, 61 and 70, plus Mega Ball 9. We are We apologize for the confusion”, can we read.

Seized earnings

However, if CNN specifies that the jackpot of the day estimated at 86 million dollars was not won, the combination of figures drawn allowed several players to recover small winnings across the country. According to the American media, finding the right Mega Ball alone brings in 2 dollars, a figure that rises to 4 dollars if it is accompanied by a white ball, 10 dollars with two, 100 dollars with three and finally 10,000 with four.

Thus, several players who showed up with a ticket where the Mega Ball number 6 had been validated were able to be paid. “Due to human error related to the May 10, 2022 Mega Millions draw, the lottery paid out a total of $5,538 to players who presented tickets with the wrong winning number to retailers before approximately 10 a.m. on May 11” , indicates MégaMillions in a press release which also ensures that the payments already made have finally been recovered.

The incident closed, this Friday, a new draw for this lottery set up in 45 American states will take place, this time with a jackpot of up to 99 million dollars and probably greater attention paid to the balls drawn.

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