5G: the French consider that this technology does not bring them much…

The YouGov polling institute conducted a consumer survey to find out their opinion of 5G and whether they consider this technology to be beneficial to them.

Europe refractory to 5G?

The interesting element of this study is that it covers many markets, we can thus identify trends such as the fact that European users are frankly skeptical. Only one in five respondents in Austria (18%), Bulgaria (19%), Great Britain (20%), France (22%) or Switzerland (22%) consider that 5G will be beneficial in their life and this is slightly more in Germany (34%) and Spain (39%).

Conversely, we note that many Asian countries appreciate its deployment, users are particularly convinced of the beneficial effects in Thailand (74%), Indonesia (69%) and Malaysia (68%).

In France, this lack of love for 5G can be explained by still very weak network coverage and performance that does not meet expectations. For an average user, the experience is often comparable to that of 4G+, this is all the more true since the real 5G which relies on millimeter waves has not yet been deployed in our country.

Finally, we also note that many users do not really have an opinion on the matter. Although 5G is on everyone’s lips, its capabilities are still perhaps too abstract.

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