49 pyrogasification projects for injection submitted in France

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The renewable gas production capacity of the 49 projects listed in the call for expressions of interest (AMI) on pyrogasification technology for injection is estimated at 4.1 TWh/year. A capacity to meet the heating needs of 360,000 homes.

“Energy sovereignty is advancing thanks to the success of the AMI on pyrogasification technology for injection”, rejoices GRTgaz. Launched last February, this AMI aimed to establish an inventory of the sector, to identify French projects, to consolidate and share a vision of the sector with public authorities and stakeholders. A total of 49 projects submitted an application, of which 19 projects are at the development stage.

The 49 projects are spread over the entire national territory: 11 French regions out of 13 are represented. In green, projects in development. In white, those in preliminary study.

Recovery of solid waste

The injection into the gas networks from the pyrogasification for injection sector provides a solution to the challenges of waste recovery as well as a response to energy dependence. The 49 projects identified would make it possible to recycle nearly 1.3 million tonnes of waste into renewable and low-carbon gas. The vast majority of inputs considered are mainly wood B (waste) and clean biomass (sawmill related, green waste, etc.).

With an average capacity of 10MW, the gas production capacity of the 49 projects is estimated at 4.1 TWh/year, thus enabling the heating of 360,000 homes.

In addition, this sector will contribute alongside the other sectors of renewable gases including methanization, hydrothermal gasification, and hydrogen, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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