100 Starlink would be deployed and active in Iran, according to Elon Musk

In a reply to a tweet, Elon Musk said that nearly 100 Starlink satellite internet access devices had been delivered to Iran. They will help people continue to have an internet connection while the authorities try to cut the network in the territory to limit the demonstrations.

In Iran, it has been more than a hundred days waveswaves of protests take place after the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini. These demonstrations, heavily suppressed, would have led to the arrest of more than 14,000 people, according to the United Nations. According to the sources ofHuman rights activists in Iran, more than 500 protesters were reportedly killed. The anger is animated by a very young mobile phonemobile phone which surprises the police with its organization. And yet the total control of the Internet network and its limitations does not change anything. People have long used VPNs to bypass increasingly strict access restrictions. But the authorities block them one by one. Access to Instagram and WhatsApp was already cut off and the rest of the social networksocial network is also filtered. Even access to Play StoreStore is clamped. In consideration of pressurepressurelimits blocking of networks diffusiondiffusion information in the country. But to counter these maneuvers, opponents have a secret weapon: receivers star linkstar link. Between two of his permanent escapades on Twitter, the cruel Elon Musk tried to pull the trigger by replying to a tweet about women’s freedoms in Iran. In response, he explains that a hundred Starlink terminals are active in the territory to create independent and coherent networks.

The head of Starlink had announced in September its intention to supply satellite reception systems to Iran. He explains today that almost a hundred will be activated. © Twitter

Independent satellite networks

Latest information from The Wall Street Journal already stated that since the end of October this Starlink equipment had been delivered to Iran. These little spots WirelessWireless receive their connection to the global Internet via that constellationconstellation than 2,000 tiny satellites i orbitorbit starlink base. These devices have already been sent by the thousands to Ukraine to restore connectivity in areas where internet infrastructure has been destroyed or disrupted by the Russian occupier. There would be about 25,000. These internet access systems have become an indispensable tool in the field of defense of the country. Despite this, the billionaire stuck to controversial statements by proposing a peace plan that was very poorly perceived by Ukrainians. In the middle of October Elon MuskElon Musk estimated that this funding would amount to $400 million over 12 months. He then announced that his company could no longer pay and that the Pentagon would have to take over. The next day he was abruptly withdrawn.


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