10 Best Tech Horror Movies, According To Reddit

Whether the whole story takes place on a computer screen or the main plot is that technology is bad, there are plenty of fun horror movies that feature laptops, robots, and other devices. These films have common elements of the genre, including main characters doing detective work and major, thrilling plot twists, but the emphasis on technology sets them apart.

From a few films featuring main characters investigating a laptop screen to a few lesser-known films, fans on Reddit recommend the most entertaining films where technology is scary.

Feardot Com (2002)

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In a thread about horror movies with technology, a Redditor recommended “FeardotCom“, released in 2002. The film focuses on Mike Reilly, a New York cop who investigates tragic deaths, realizing that everyone who died visited the same website.

The idea of ​​a killer website might be a little cheesy and FeardotCom wasn’t very popular, but the movie has a fun concept. It’s a good choice if someone is looking for scary PC movies, even if the premise is a bit over the top.

The Signal (2007)

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When it comes to 2000s horror movies not everyone has seen, Redditor’s Pick Puzzleheaded-Way-198″The signal” definitely falls into this category. Although not everyone has heard of it, it has a creative premise as technology tricks people into committing murder.

The film has three different stories, and horror, romance, and comedy genres are all explored, as the main story focuses on married couple Lewis and Mya Denton. The signal is a nice change from found horror movies or movies where every scene takes place on a computer screen.

Research (2018)

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When discussing scary tech movies, Redditor damimation88 recommended “Researchand Redditor ja6j2 added, “I wasn’t expecting much from it because of its style, but it blew me away the first time I watched it.”

Widowed David Kim is raising his teenage daughter Margot and doing his best, and he is shocked and devastated when she disappears. David does everything in his power to locate Margot. The whole movie takes place on David’s computer, and the storytelling style is smart and interesting.

Untitled Horror Movie (2021)

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With a title that gets horror fans noticed, Redditor AWildRaticate recommended “Untitled horror movie” and called it “pretty fun”.

The film begins with Declan, who is upset about a TV show he won a role in after it was canceled. Declan and his fellow actors want to make their own horror movie, and when they encounter an evil ghost, chaos and fear ensue. A part of Untitled horror movie is all on a laptop screen, which is fun to watch. It’s definitely an original and interesting idea for a horror movie.

Friendless: Dark Web (2018)

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There are many horror movies for fans of friendless, including the compelling sequel. A Redditor commented on the movie and wrote: “Recently loved it Not friend: Dark Web.”

Matias O’Brien is part of a confusing and devastating situation as he comes across a laptop, starts using it and realizes that a strange person who goes by the username Charon IV keeps trying to discuss with him. Matias makes many gruesome discoveries. Like the first film of 2014, the story of friendless: dark web is told entirely on a computer screen. Matias has many close relationships, from his girlfriend to a couple who just got engaged, and it’s scary to see everyone facing great danger.

Mortal Friend (1986)

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Responding to a thread about terrifying tech movies, Redditor jack3ww said, “Mortal friend,” the 1986 film directed by Wes Craven.

When high schooler Samantha Pringle dies, the brilliant Paul Conway puts a chip in Samantha’s brain, but as horror fans might expect, when she comes back to life, she starts murdering people. mortal friend has a fun, cheesy tone with well-designed characters and a shocking, perfectly written ending.

Viruses (1999)

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There are several scary virus movies out there and when it comes to tech horror movies, one Redditor said “I can’t recommend Virus sufficient.”

In Virus, aliens can turn humans into cyborgs, which of course is a huge threat to the future of the planet. The film features strong performances from Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin. The action never stops and the sci-fi elements are fun.

The Invisible Man (2020)

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Responding in a thread about horror movies with modern technology, Redditor mollymulkins suggested “The invisible Man.

After Cecilia Kass runs away from her abusive husband Adrian, he is supposed to die, but she doesn’t believe he really died. Cecilia thinks Adrian is chasing her and stays hidden in a bodysuit, meaning no one can see him.

Ex Machina (2015)

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Recommending what is widely regarded as one of the best artificial intelligence films, Redditor Screamqueen47 wrote that Ex-Machina is “More of a psychological thriller, but turns into total horror at the end. I love that movie!”

Ava is a fascinating character as she is a robot but appears human in some ways, and as main character Caleb Smith gets to know Ava, he learns that she hates Nathan Bateman, the CEO responsible for her creation. The dynamic between Caleb and Ava is fascinating.

Videodrome (1983)

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David Cronenberg’s film Videodrome was also recommended, with Redditor TheDruitVandals writing, “Please watch this if you haven’t already.”

Videodrome is both an excellent body horror film and a film about technology, telling the story of Max Renn who runs a television station in Toronto. Max then begins to hallucinate.

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