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By Olivier Brunet – 04/29/2022SEO & traffic strategist: Camille Radicchi The creation of a “large public financial center” led La Banque Postale to want to delist CNP Assurances, after having taken control of it. Headquarters of La Banque Postale in Paris (credits ©Jean-Michel Daix) Friendly simplified takeover bid by La Banque Postale on CNP Assurances … Read more

The Future Of Crypto Trading Is Out

The lines between cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes are increasingly blurring as Wall Street players make trading digital assets part of their core business – and bitcoin-native companies push on the traditional markets. The arrival of institutional investors in the $1.3 billion digital asset market has led to an increase in the influence of big … Read more

What is bitcoin hashrate?

Hashrate refers to the computing power needed to mine new units of cryptocurrencies. This is a term that is regularly used, and which makes it possible to better understand the issues that blockchains face. Proof of stake, burn, stablecoin, mining, halving… To understand the world of crypto-currencies, you have to be prepared to deal with … Read more

high-tech companies are doing their best to resume production | Updated on 12. 05. 2022 | Keywords : high tech,Hefei,innovation,COVID-19 Hefei National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is the main zone of the National Comprehensive Science Center as well as a National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, including many high-tech enterprises. Due to the epidemic, some enterprises in the area have been affected in their … Read more

Global Non-Life or Property and Casualty Insurance Market Circumstances and Viewpoint Report 2022 (Present and Foreseeable)

The analysis report of the global non-life or property and casualty insurance market is a comprehensive study to analyze the Non-Life or P&C Insurance Market in terms of various market segmentations and sub-segments like regions, applications, product types, etc. for the forecast period. It focuses on the leading players of the Global Non-Life or Property … Read more

Lavelanet. College students visit DR Technologie

A dozen middle school students from the Mirepoix school complex discovered DR Technologie, the cutting-edge Lavalanet SME. The opportunity for these students to enrich themselves during this visit and to live a real immersion in the universe of this innovative company. From the cutting workshops, following that of sewing and welding, the college students followed … Read more

Huawei Webinar Highlights the Importance of Women in Tech

Industry findings by Coursera discussed in a webinar co-hosted by Huawei and Reuters Events revealed that 6% more women were enrolled in tech courses this year than in 2021. The event highlighted the importance of bridging the digital divide, recognizing that this means helping young people access STEM training and education opportunities. Information from Coursera … Read more

Malakoff Humanis finalizes the acquisition of the brokerage firm Mésange Prévoyance and strengthens its positions in the funeral insurance market

This acquisition allows Malakoff Humanis to strengthen its positions in the funeral insurance market in France, to access the market of independent funeral operators, which represent more than 50% of the funeral market, and to capitalize on a recognized distribution network. , consisting mainly of independent funeral operators. The Group, which today represents 8% of … Read more